New Release Notice


  1. I am trying to find where to sign up for your newsletter and well just don't seem to find it. can you add me?
    Lori Smanski
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  2. I'm like Lori. I also can't find where to sign up for your newsletter. I did sign up for new releases.
    Janet Estridge

  3. I think that is the newsletter link. The newsletter would list new releases. At least I hope so. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I see where it says new release notice and I am not sure if that is where we would go to sign up for your newsletter, but I did sign up under the new release notice. add me to your newsletter if I am not already added or if I signed up under the right spot. Thanks!

  5. Oh darn darn is it just Jan? I have to wait until March for your new book??? Ugh! I love the cover of this novel—so so beautiful. I love your novels Rachel and download them as soon as they are released. I really have everything you have written you are a wonderful author. You write wonderful clean passionate romances. These latest releases are also clean and passionate-just my cup of Regency tea!!!!
    Love it!!!!